• Understand many core concepts. 
  • Understand and experiment using lines and shapes.
  • Learn shading techniques using various mediums like crayons, poster colors, and pencils.
  • New mediums like soft pastels and watercolor are introduced.
  • Art vocabulary is reinforced. 
  • Learning folk art help the students understand different drawing tools and techniques used during early times. 
  • Introduction to a renowned artist’s work. 
  • Build the learner’s art portfolio with the artwork completed during the study. 
  • There will be an exam at the end of the module to test the student’s proficiency in the subject.

Overview of ADVANCED Level:

  • Total Duration:  36 sessions
  •   Age:                  11 years and above
  •  Group Size:       Up to 5 Students
  •  Session Duration: 45 – 50 Minutes
  •   Schedule:         Once A Week

Prerequisites to Join the Course:

  • Prior experience is required. 
  • Completion of the Intermediate level is compulsory. 
  • Interest in art and a willingness to learn.

Tools, Software and Material Needed:  

  • Zoom software
  • Art book
  • Stationery and coloring mediums like color pencils, crayons and poster colors 
  • Ensure to have a multi camera setup focused on the child and work 

  • Illusive line art (In graphite)
  • Perspective drawing & shading – One point (In graphite)
  • Aerial animal study
  •  Color theory
  • Introduction to new mediums like watercolors and soft pastels
  • Comprehensive still life study
  • Portrait
  • Folk art
  • Learn about an artist and his work
  • Design a portfolio with all the work done during study

Outcome by the end of the level:

  • Students learn the cause and effect of each medium.
  • Detailed understanding of art concepts, vocabulary, techniques.
  • Understanding various mediums. 
  • Confidence to take art as a subject to pursue further.
  • Learn the process of drawing in a systematic way and understand the core concepts at the same time. 
  • Learning about a renowned artist.
  • Critical thinking is enhanced as they first take a visual picture mentally about the work they intend to create. 
  • By creating their portfolio, they understand and value art and art forms.

Once they complete this level, they are ready for the Expert level.

1.Does a student need to acquire specific art skills to get enrolled in this level?

A: Yes, the student should be good at drawing and must have a good understanding of proportion and drawing from observation. They should have completed the Intermediate level.

2. What is aerial animal study?

A: Aerial animal study involves drawing basic & complex bird species by understanding their anatomical measurements and proportions.

3. My child likes to draw a street scene or a landscape. Under which topic will they learn to draw this?

A: Perspective drawing and colour theory.

4. Which type of portrait drawing will you teach?

A: We have involved ‘Head Study’ in our curriculum where the student will learn to draw the face in different angles to develop knowledge and skills for portrait drawing.

5. What art materials we need for this course?

A: A list of required art materials for the whole module will provided on the first day of class during the orientation session. Additionally, the teacher will update the students regularly of what materials will be required for the next class.