At this level, students are introduced to the world of art. Our young students will learn :

  • Art using simple lines and shapes.
  • Spatial concepts. 
  • Introduction to new mediums of colouring.
  • Develop critical thinking. 
  • Draw through observation. 
  • Learn creative crafts and origami. 
  • Understand the work of a renowned artist.

Overview of BEGINNER Level:

  • Total Duration:        28 sessions
  • Age:                          6 years and above
  • Group Size:              Up to 5 Students 
  • Session Duration:  45 – 50 Minutes
  • Schedule:                 Once A Week

Prerequisites to Join the Course:

  • No prior experience is required. 
  • Basic knowledge of art.
  • Interest in art and a willingness to learn.

 Tools, Software and Material Needed:  

  • Zoom software
  • Artbook
  • Stationery and coloring mediums like color pencils, crayons, and poster colors 
  • Ensure to have a multi camera setup focused on the child and work

  • Observation drawing
  • Drawing with numbers & alphabets
  • Mirror image
  • Spatial concepts
  • Colour theory – Primary and secondary colours
  • Introduction to color pencils & poster colours
  • Graphite pencil shading (beginner)
  • Shadow drawing
  • Understanding an artist

Every month there will be an interesting craft/origami work taught in class

Outcome by the end of the level:

  • The child’s sensory, fine, and gross motor skills, hand – eye coordination and bilateral hand use are further developed. 
  • Problem solving abilities and cognitive skills are developed.
  • Understand spatial concepts.
  • Introduction to Color concepts. 
  • Draw using imagination and creating wonderful masterpieces. 
  • Explore the correct techniques of how to use color pencils and pencil shading.
  • Enjoy using poster colours.
  • Learning about a renowned artist.

Once they complete this level, they are ready for the Intermediate level.

1. What type of art or painting will you teach in the beginner level?

A: We focus on the foundation building drawing concepts like- lines, understanding symmetry, near & far, big & small etc. Creative & fun topic like drawing with numbers, shadow drawing are also a part of the curriculum.

2. Does a child need parents’ assistance during class?

A: Not always. We prefer the child learns from their own mistakes, But as parents you can always watch your child’s progress during the class, and help them to manage things around if needed, but avoid sitting with them when the class is on.

3. As a beginner, my child may face difficulties to understand a concept in one class. Will you provide special attention or extra class for that?

A: Our curriculum has been designed in such a way that all core concepts have 3 sessions. Additionally, special attention is always provided to learners who may take some time to understand.

4. What art materials we need for this course?

A: A list of required art materials for the whole module will provided on the first day of class during the orientation session. Additionally, the teacher will update the students regularly of what materials will be required for the next class.

5. If my child is a fast learner, will he be advanced to the next level?

A: Yes, if the teacher feels the student is capable of handling the next level curriculum, they can decide to promote the student to the next level midway through the course.