Our young students will learn:

  • Experimentation and understanding using lines, shapes, and forms.
  • Learn about movement and spatial concepts. 
  • Introduction to interesting techniques like pointillism, texture and shading.
  • Explore the world of colors and optical illusion. 
  • Understand how a shadow is created when light falls on a Still life.
  • Introduction to the work of a renowned artist.
  • Two new mediums are introduced at this level. 
  • Creative crafts and origami.
  • There will be an exam at the end of the module to test the student’s proficiency in the subject.

Overview of INTERMEDIATE Level:

  •  Total Duration:  28 sessions
  •  Age:                  8 years and above
  • Group Size:       Up to 5 Students
  • Session Duration: 50 Minutes
  •  Schedule:          Once A Week

Prerequisites to Join the Course:

  • Prior experience is required. 
  • Completion of the Beginners level is required. 
  • Interest in art and a willingness to learn.

Tools, software and Material Needed:  

  • Zoom software
  • Artbook
  • Stationery and coloring mediums like color pencils, crayons, oil pastels, and poster colors 
  • Ensure to have a multi-camera setup focused on the child and work 

  • Elements of art
  • Dimension and volume
  • Color concepts
  • Still life drawing and shading (In graphite)
  • Pointillism
  • Introduction to shading techniques with oil pastels
  • Painting with poster colours
  •  Folk Art
  • Understanding an artist’s work

After each topic, there will be an interesting craft/origami video session.

Outcome by the end of the level:

  • The child’s sensory, fine, and gross motor skills, hand–eye coordination, and bilateral hand use are further developed. 
  • Learn and draw using their imagination to create wonderful masterpieces.
  • Understand the process of drawing in a systematic way and understand the core concepts.
  • Learning new mediums like oil pastels and poster colours.
  • Understanding the concept of light and shadow through still life.
  • Geometrical designing using 3D.
  • Learning about a renowned artist

Once they complete this level, they are ready for the Advanced level. An exam will be held at the end of the module to check the student’s preparedness to the next level.

1. What are the new art techniques or concepts you will teach in the intermediate level?

A: In this level, we focus on developing the students core concepts, observation, and  creative drawing skills. Few core topics include elements of art, still life drawing, light & shadow, etc

2. As you mentioned Still life drawing, what is covered under that?

A:  Still life drawing involves drawing of non-living things found around us, nature drawing like fruits, flower, vegetable etc and the focus is on how to use colours for shading the same.

3.How many colour mediums will the students learn at this level?

A: Students will learn mediums like colour pencils application, basic pencil shading, oil pastels, sketch pens/ colour marker and poster colour.

4.What will be taught in optical illusion?

A: Students will learn different ways to create 3D drawing effects on paper while learning the illusive characteristics of line, shadow and angle of vision.

5. What art materials we need for this course?

A: A list of required art materials for the whole module will provided on the first day of class during the orientation session. Additionally, the teacher will update the students regularly of what materials will be required for the next class.