• Students will learn Swara Pallavi, Swara Jati and Varnam.
  • The learner improves in technical skills and virtuosity.
  • The songs are usually written in Sanskrit, Kannada and Bhandira (ancient language).

Overview of INTERMEDIATE LEVEL  3 : 

  • Total Duration    :  48 sessions
  • Age                    :  7 Years and above
  • Group Size         :  Up to 5 Students (will be reshuffled after 6 months based on the learning ability)
  • Session Duration: 45 – 50 Minutes
  • Class Schedule    : Once  A Week

There will be an internal exam at every level. Depending on the result, the student will get the required assistance to apply to other universities for exams.

Prerequisites to join the course

  • Musical knowledge AND
  • Must complete level 2

Tools, software and material needed:  

  • Zoom software
  • Music book (Link will be provided)

Regular theory class.


1.Swara Pallavi / Jati swara:

  • Swara pallavi also called jati swara is a composition learned after gitam.
  • It has both swaras and jatis woven together.
  • Usually sung in a uniform medium tempo.
  • It is the first lesson to be sung with 4 swaras for each count of kriya of the talam.
  • Students will learn Vasantha ragam and Bilhari ragam.

2.Swara Jati:

  • Important composition of Abhyasa gana.
  • Resembling the swara pallavi in its structure and arrangement, this composition has sahitya and consists of 3 sections – the pallavi, anupallavi and 3 or more charanas.
  • The charanas are first sung as swaras and later repeated with lyrics.
  • Swara jati has been written in Telugu and composed in Madhyama kala (medium tempo).
  • Theme of sahatya maybe devotional, heroic or amorous.
  • Some famous composers are Syama Sastri, Pacchimiriyam Adiappayya, Swati Tirunal etc.
  • Students will learn Bilhari swara jati, Khamas ragam, Ananda bhairavi.

3. Varnam

Outcome by the end of the level: 

  • Swara Pallavi – emphasis in jati swara is on the rhythmic patterns and hence are helpful in developing rhythmic stability.
  • Swara Jati – pleasing melodies which is the stepping stone to the next important composition, Varnam.
  • Develops a peaceful and meditative mindset.

Once students complete INTERMEDIATE level 3, they are ready for ADVANCED level 4. Learning music depends on a student’s ability to grasp the lesson. If the student is a quick learner, they will be fast tracked to the next level.