The Intermediate level is designed to introduce the game and fundamental concepts of chess to the students.

The goal of the Chess is to:

  • Advance to the critical analysation of the game
  • Develop the understanding of different positional situations
  • Take the kid further deeper into the world of chess
  • Develop attentiveness, decision-making, and analytical thinking of the game

This program will not only help the students in learning chess, but also will guide them in their academic and personal growth.

Overview of Beginner level:

  • Total Duration: 30 – 36 sessions
  • Age: 6 years and above
  • Group Size: 5 – 8 learners
  • Session Duration: 45 – 50 Minutes
  • Class Schedule: Once a week

Prerequisites to join the course

  • The learner should be 7 years and above
  • Prior learning required till beginner
  • Inclined towards learning the game

Tools, software and material needed

  • Zoom Software
  • A chessboard
  • A multi camera setup

  • Two Bishop Mate
  • Mate in Two, Three
  1. Pin & Skewer level up
  2. Windmill
  4. Overload/ Removing the Guard
  5. Decoy/ Deflection
  6. Windmill
  7. Trapping Pieces
  8. REVISION / Mixed Tactic
  9. Different Mating Ideas
  10. Bishop Knight Mate
  12. TEST

Outcome by the end of the course completion:

Academic Advantages: Students get better in-

  • Basic Arithmetic.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Decision Making.

Personal Advantages: Students become more-

  • Self-Confident.
  • Disciplined.
  • Patient.
  • Creative.

Once students complete the Intermediate level, they will receive certificate of completion from Sapthora.