For the string students to move smoothly through the stages from the elementary to the artist levels of playing, The Teachers need a clear vision of the beginning, the middle, and the end of the process and the journey. The immense span between the beginning and the end goal of artistry is difficult to chart. The sequence of knowledge, skill, and musical growth is mind-boggling. However, we can understand and start with the essentials of a healthy foundation. Then we can work on how to nurture, build, and establish that foundation. This is the subject of intermediate course.

A systematic but flexible approach has been developed over many years of teaching. This approach to the fundamentals of violin playing can be applied to students of all ages and levels. Violin performance engages the physical, the psychological, and the musical abilities of the player. Establishing a healthy foundation for playing the violin is like growing a beautiful and strong tree. Without a secure root system, the tree will be blown away in the first storm. The same occurs in violin playing. A violinist must have a healthy foundation that can withstand the pressures of performing. The teacher guides the student in building a solid technical and musical foundation with a clear sense of the journey from the beginning sounds to the artist level. This intermediate course has been developed by keeping this in mind.

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Course Includes

  • 22 Lessons