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sapthora faq

Demo Classes

Yes, Sapthora offers Demo/Trial class which is FREE of cost. We welcome as much feedback as possible.

You can book a Demo/Trial class by visiting Sapthora’s Book a Demo page - 


If you’re having any difficulties in booking a demo online, you can request us to schedule one by calling us at +1 (984) 884-4805. One of our friendly customer support team members will work with you to book a demo class at your convenience. 

Email us - hello@sapthora.com

No, it's not necessary to have an instrument to take Demo/Trial class, however, your teacher will be happy to advise you regarding an appropriate instrument for you if you need assistance.

Yes, you can pick a Date & Time of your convenience.  

For any queries and general support, please reach out to us at Contact Us form. You can send us an email at hello@sapthora.com. Shortly, one of our staff members will be available to assist you shortly.

Don’t fret...! You can always reschedule your Demo/Trial class by dropping us an email at - hello@sapthora.com or call us - +1 (984) 884-4805

The lesson will be offered through Zoom Meeting link. You will receive the link through confirmation email. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet you will need the Zoom app.

You will receive the Zoom Meeting link through confirmation email.

About 45 minutes.

Yes, parents can join the Demo/Trial class along with the student.

If you are not completely satisfied with your Demo/Trial class, we will give you the opportunity to try another teacher. We welcome as much feedback as possible, since knowing what you don’t like about a teacher is a very important step towards finding the right fit.

If you are not completely satisfied with your Demo/Trial class, we will give you the opportunity to try another teacher. We welcome as much feedback as possible, since knowing what you don’t like about a teacher is a very important step towards finding the right fit.

During the below mentioned holidays there will be no make-up classes.


S. No.Name of HolidayDate (EST)Day (EST)
1New Year's Day1-Jan-22Saturday
2Republic Day26-Jan-22
4USA Independence Day04-Jul-22Monday
5Indian Independence Day15-Aug-22Monday
8Thanksgiving Day25-Nov-22Friday
9Christmas Day25-Dec-22Sunday

Make Up Class

There will be no make-up class (if 1:1) or students will have access to recorded classes
(if group class).

There will be no make-up class if the teacher has not been updated 24 hours earlier.

Make up class will be arranged for the student.

If a class falls on a published holiday, and it is mentioned on the portal then there will
be no makeup class.

A make-up class /refund / backup teacher will be arranged.

A make-up class will be arranged.

The customer has the option to freeze the subscription for a month. Customers should
inform Sapthora support team at least 4 weeks before about their vacation to allow
freezing. There will be no assurance that the student will get the same teacher. If going on
vacation for more than 4 weeks, Parents can also reserve the slot and the teacher by paying
50% of their subscription for the time period.

A make up class will be provided and is subject to the teacher’s availability and class

Enrollment and Course Delivery

We have teachers on staff with top-notch training from some of the most prestigious colleges in the country, and years of professional teaching and performing experience. We are confident that we have the right teacher for you. Our music teachers have warm and friendly personalities and are consecrated to developing your love of music.

The number depends on the type of course and the level. At Sapthora, music is taught in small groups, typically consisting of 2-3 students. The course sessions and lesson plans are designed in such a way that students benefit through group sessions while the focus is on individual attention, making sure that their learning goals are reached. However, if any student is particularly interested in one-on-one learning, please contact our customer service, we will gladly work with you and accommodate your needs.

An instrument is essential for all students to practice at home. If you need to purchase an instrument, your teacher will be happy to advise you regarding an apt instrument for you.

Make up class will be arranged only if we receive a request for the regular class cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the class time
You can send us an email at support@sapthora.com  to inform us if the student will not be able to attend the class 24 hours in advance. 
If the teacher is unable to join the class for any reason we will arrange the makeup class.

There is no refund for any of the courses under Programming.


Credit Card, as of now.

Yes, payments will need to be made on a monthly basis. Sapthora makes it easier saves your time by default set up are automatically enabling recurrent payments. However, if you prefer, you can always opt-out.

Don’t' fret...! We don’t charge any cancellation fees. 

To make a cancellation request, you must inform us of your decision using a clear statement. You can  inform us of your decision using the below channels - 

By email: hello@sapthora.com 

By visiting this page on our website: www.www.sapthora.com/contact-us 

By phone number: +1 (984) 884 –4805. 

To know about cancellation policy & refunds please visit - https://www.sapthora.com/cancellation-policy/

We understand that a student may occasionally miss the classes.  For every class, the instructor provide a summary video and additional material that will help student learn. In addition, typically instructor revises learning from previous class and spends additional time for students to catch up on missed topics.

Yes. Students can opt to take a sabbatical. During this period, student’s enrollment will be put on hold. Upon the return, we will re-evaluate the student’s situation to determine the best batch for him/her to enroll in.

You can directly message the teacher through Sapthora learning platform. If your problem is not resolved, you can call support team and they will gladly assist.

Materials and instruments needed varies from course to course and level to level. Please review the course page to learn more.

Yes.. customer can have upto 3 classes a week depending on the teacher availability.

We prefer group class as our sessions have small groups only. However, there are no extra charges for individual classes.

A: Our faculty is well qualified to engage the child creatively throughout the session. The teacher has the time to gauge a child’s strength and weakness and work on the same. Keeping classes engaging and educative is our core philosophy.

A: Every lesson video will be uploaded for reference which will help the child understand any topic missed. 

A: You have the choice to select any day and time according to your convenience.  

A: After enrolling the child, the parent will get access to our courses and materials required for each level.   Additionally, the teacher will update the students regularly of what materials will be required for the next class.

A: Our main strength is our focus on quality education. By keeping the class strength to a maximum of 5 students per batch, we ensure the child gets individual attention and focus. Our experienced teachers are trained to handle students at every level.

A: Yes, in certain special cases, if the teacher identifies a fast learner who can understand the complexity and challenges at a particular level, the teacher can use their discretion to advance the student to a higher level.  

A: It is not compulsory for a student to be tech-savvy, especially our younger students. Our website interface is very easy to use, and our teachers will guide the students at all levels.   

A: It is important to have a good webcam, headphones, and the zoom app downloaded. Keeping the materials required for the class is important.

A: If a student is too young and might need parental assistance, we recommend a parent sits with the child, without interfering with the class session.

A: Our teachers are very experienced to teach students in a virtual system. Having a dual camera setup will help the child understand the class better. During the orientation, the parent will be guided on how to set up the camera.

A: Not always. We prefer the child learns from their own mistakes, But as parents you can always watch your child’s progress during the class, and help them to manage things around if needed, but avoid sitting with them when the class is on.

A: Our curriculum has been designed in such a way that all core concepts have 3 sessions. Additionally, special attention is always provided to learners who may take some time to understand.

A: We have 4 Levels – Novice, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

A: No, not required.

A: Once the student registers, there will be an ORIENTATION session for the student and the parent. The teacher will clear all your doubts.

A: Usually no, but if the student is exceptionally good at a particular level or has finished the course content of the previous level, but was unable to give the exam, Sapthora can take a decision to assist such students.

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