This course is an introduction to the programming language for students without prior programming experience. We cover basics of computer programming and how to think logically and creatively.

This course is designed for children aged 5 to 7 to learn early programming concepts. It is a block-based programming environment where young children can solve problems, design projects, and be creative. Children use blocks or sequences of blocks to control the behaviors of characters (sprites) and backgrounds displayed on screen. 

Programming is important for younger kids as it helps them develop their logical and critical thinking skills. It also teaches them how to solve problems in a systematic way.


  • Have a fundamental understanding of the how programming is 
  • Understand the sequencing of programming and improve logical thinking.
  • Create games and stories using Scratch jr,
  • Create your own interactive games and stories and explore much more using these simple yet effective open source tools.

Overview of the level:

  • Total Duration: 20 – 24 hours
  • Age: 5-7 years
  • Group Size: Upto  2 Students (Preferably with parents)
  • Session Duration: 50 minutes
  • Schedule: Once A Week

Prerequisites to join the course

  • Students should be 5-7 years of age 
  • No coding knowledge is required
  • Recommended – Students should have laptops with internet connections. Students should install the suggested softwares on their laptops/ tablets/ Ipad.
  • At Least for 5 to 6 sessions parents should assist students when they join the session as they are very small and new to technology.

Tools, software and material needed:

  • Zoom Software
  • Laptop with good Internet connectivity
  • Tablets recommended for installing the software

  • Course Introduction
  • How drag and drop the blocks
  • How to solve simple puzzles
    Simple games
  • Selection of character and painting them
  • Creation of background images
  • Creating simple stories

Outcome by the end of the course completion:

  • By the end of this course students will be able to confidently create games using simple block based softwares like scratch junior and

1. Will ScratchJr run on my iPad or tablet?

A: ScratchJr runs on both iPads and Android tablets. ScratchJr can be installed on any iPad running iOS 9.3 or greater.

2. Can I share a ScratchJr project from one tablet to another?

A: If you are running ScratchJr version 1.2 or greater, you can share projects via email. On iPads you can also share with AirDrop. To access the sharing options, go to the Project Information page by tapping on the yellow button in the top-right corner of the ScratchJr editor.

3. Who can learn this course?

A: Any one above 5 years can learn this course

4. Should I install any software to learn this course?

A: Yes, we have to install Scratch Junior software. You can install this software on Laptop / Tablet / IPad