• The Intermediate level guitar course is designed to educate all our learners about the history of the guitar, fundamental principles, playing techniques and detailed musical knowledge.
  • The student is introduced to various musical pieces.
  • The student learns how to play it through step-by-step description and demonstration.

Overview of Intermediate level: 

  • Total Duration: 72 – 96 sessions

For individual student, the duration of each grade is 20– 24 sessions. For 2 students, the duration for each grade is 32 – 40 sessions

  • Age : 9 to 10 years or above to join at grade 3
  • Group Size:  Up to 2 learners 
  • Session Duration: 40 mins (50 Minutes for 2 learners) 
  • Schedule: Once A Week 

The student can appear for International certification in music (Guitar) at every Grade. Sapthora will train the students for the exams. The fee for the exam will be borne by the student.
The Intermediate level is from Grade 3 – Grade 5.

Prerequisites to join the course

  • The learner should be 9 to 10 years or above to join at grade 3. 
  • The learner should have completed his Beginner level grades. 

Tools, software and material needed:

  • Zoom Software
  • A guitar
  • Musical Manuscript
  • Armless chair for seating


  • Relative major and minor scales
  • Scales and arpeggios pattern
  • Tonic and Dominant Triads
  • Intervals
  • Musical structure
  • Subdominant Triads


  • Chord Progressions
  • Broken Chords & Arpeggios
  • A, B, and E major scales (2 to 3 octaves)
  • Pentatonic, melodic, and harmonic scales
  • Slurs and Half Barre studies

Aural and sight-reading

  • Reading sheet music and Interpretation
  • Playing along with sheet
  • Ear training and Pitch recognition
  • Ear training in recognising dynamics

Grade 3

Technical Work

  • A major or B (Harmonic) minor scale up to 2 octaves
  • G Melodic minor scale up to 2 octaves
  • G Pentatonic scale up to 2 octaves
  • Slurs and Half Barre studies

Exam Pieces Total – 3

Grade – 4

Technical Work

  • E major open and closed 2 octaves each
  • A natural minor 2 octaves
  • F Harmonic minor scale 2octaves
  • Chord progression of B7-Em-A7 in D major
  • Dominant seventh Arpeggio in the key of A

Exam Pieces Total – 3


Grade – 5

Technical Work

  • B major closed and open 1 octave
  • F harmonic and Melodic minor 2 octaves
  • E Dorian minor scale 2 octaves
  • Diminished seventh Arpeggio starting and ending on C
  • I-VI-II-V7-I in G major

Exam Pieces Total – 3

Outcome by the end of the level: 

  • The learner will be able to read the sheet with all its dynamics. 
  • Will develop a strong theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. 
  • The learner will develop a good sense of rhythm and pitch. 
  • Will be able to play sheet music with a given BPM of 100 and above.

1. My child has finished grade 2 from the Beginner level in guitar. Can he give solo performance?

A: Yes, the solos taught under the guidance of the tutor can be performed by your child.

2.Is there any other benefit from doing this course other than learning the guitar?

A: Yes, it has been noticed that the students develop focus and concentration and this reflects in their routine academic subjects..

3. How do I redeem these credit points accrued on my certificates?

A: You can declare them at the time of admission to higher courses in UK and the admission authorities will consider the credits printed on the Certificates.

4. How many grades are there in the Intermediate level?

A: The Intermediate level has Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5.