Mobile App Development Course info

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This course mainly focuses on empowering young minds to move from users to creators of technology and show their immeasurable talent and creativity to the outside world. And this course will act like a catalyst in achieving that goal. By the end of this course you will find yourself more confident in app development and you could learn the latest topics like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning with Mobile App Development.

  • This curriculum mainly focuses on introducing one of the most critical and widely used technologies (Mobile app development) in a very easy and simple way.
  • Making custom Applications for Android OS can be difficult unless you have a deep understanding of Java. MIT’s App Inventor removes that barrier by providing an easy to use drag and drop style of coding to App development.
  • Here students will learn to develop a complete app from design to deployment.

Overview of the level:

  • Total Duration: 28 to 30 Hours
  • Age: 10 years and above
  • Group Size: Upto 4 Students
  • Session Duration: 50 minutes
  • Schedule: Once A Week

Prerequisites to join the course

  • Students should be 10 years and above
  • At Least scratch like block based coding knowledge is requires
  • Students should have good laptop with internet connections
  • Student should have the Smartphone (Android / Iphone

  • Talk to Me
  • Paint Your Photo
  • Ball Bounce Game
  • Space Invaders Game
  • Simple Calculator
  • Activity Planner
  • Translator App
  • Quiz App
  • Music Player App
  • Private Chatting App
  • Tic Tac Toe game
  • Mini Wiki App in MIT
  • Alarm Clock App
  • Snake Game App
  • Mini Golf Game
  • And more exciting apps…!

Outcome by the end of the course completion:

  • They will be able to learn valuable STEAM skills like coding, programming, graphic design, and content creation
  • How to solve real-world problems with digital design.
  • They will gain self confidence

Tools, software and material needed:

  • Zoom Software
  • Laptop with good Internet connectivity
  • Notebook and pen
  • A smart phone (Android or Iphone)

1. Can I use App Inventor without a phone?

A: Yes. App Inventor includes an emulator for the phone. The emulator can’t do everything the phone can. For example, you can’t shake it but you can create apps and try them out.

2. Can I share project code with other App Inventor users?

A: Yes. To share a project, go to the My Projects page, select a project, then choose More Actions | Download Source. This will create a zip file that you can share with others.

3. Can I share my apps with other Android users?

A: Yes. To share an app, you first need to obtain an Android Package (.apk) file, which you can do by going to the My Projects page, clicking on the name of the app you want to share (which will take you to the Design page), and selecting Package for Phone | Download to this Computer.