“It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself”.

    -Johann Sebastian Bach

Sapthora can help master touch and time.

sapthora violin

Sapthora is one of the best online learning academies where art meets technology. Our course modules have been developed by experienced educators who are both passionate and experienced in their areas of expertise.  

The violin curriculum includes various topics and takes the learner through every step of the violin learning process. A highly effective, thoughtfully sequenced curriculum has been designed to teach all the necessary skills to become a polished player. The moment a learner picks up the instrument he or she will begin an exciting adventure that is filled with challenges and rewards.  The teachers will help the learner to develop the skills that enable one to become a fine violin player. With a careful study and regular practice the learner will quickly discover the joy and satisfaction of violin playing not only for the self but for the parents, friends or a concert audience.

Once the student completes the Novice violin course at Sapthora, they are eligible to take up the Internationally acclaimed violin exams like the Trinity College of Music, London College of Music, ABRSM, etc.,

Online Violin Course


Our Teaching Philosophy

Sapthora’s music education is based on a balanced, comprehensive, structured, and learner-friendly curriculum. It is delivered by qualified and experienced advisors and teachers using state-of-the-art audio-visual technologies to provide the best online music learning experience for students. This enables learners (both beginners and advanced players) to demonstrate their musical ability and their profound joy in music performance.

One-to-One vs Small groups?

Many research studies have found that students grasp better and learn faster in a group setting. Small groups enable learners of any age to be engaged and encouraged by the interaction with fellow students rather than sitting in a one-to-one online class. It makes the learning experience livelier, engaging and kids are excited to join and learn together.

At Sapthora, music is taught in small groups, typically consisting of 2-3 students. The course sessions and lesson plans are designed in such a way that students benefit through group sessions while the focus is on individual attention, making sure that their learning goals are reached.

However, if any student is particularly interested in one-on-one learning, please contact our customer service, we will gladly work with you and accommodate your needs.

Our Curriculum

Our syllabus is designed according to a series of internationally recognized benchmarks. Once the student completes a level, (s)he will have acquired most of the skills and experience to successfully take the certification exam from international certification organizations like Trinity, Rock School, LCME Etc.

Our Repertoire selection and exam content are designed to appeal to all age groups reflecting the diversity of students.

Our courses are divided into multiple levels to meet the learning needs of the students at various expertise levels.