• The Beginners level Piano course is designed to educate all our learners about the about the history of the Piano, fundamental principles, playing techniques and an in-depth music literacy. 
  • The student is introduced to various musical pieces.
  • Student learns how to play it through step-by-step description and demonstration.

Overview of this level: 

  • Total Duration: 72 – 96 sessions

For individual student, the duration of each grade is 20– 24 sessions. For 2 students, the duration for each grade is 34 – 40 sessions

  • Age :  7  years or above
  • Group Size: Up to 2 learners 
  • Session Duration: 45 – 50 Minutes
  • Schedule: Once A Week

The student can appear for International certification in music (piano) at every Grade. Sapthora will train the students for the exams. The fee for the exam will be borne by the student.
The Beginners course is from Initial – Grade 2

Prerequisites to join the course:

  • The learner should be 7 years and above.
  • They should have completed the novice level.
  • The learner should be well versed with the basics of music.

Tools, software and material needed:  

  • Zoom Software
  • Piano
  • Musical Manuscript

Theory : 

  • Grand Staff
  • Rests & Intervals
  • Naturals & accidentals
  • Major Scale formation 
  • Circle of fifths 
  • Relative Minor 
  • Chord Layouts 
  • Broken Chords & Arpeggios

Practical :

  • Reading In bars  
  • Playing along with sheet 
  • Introduction to ear training 
  • Ear training exercises

Initial Grade

  Technical Work

  • One Octave Hands separately  
  • Scales – C major & A minor ( melodic, Harmonic & natural minor)
  • Broken Triads C major & A minor 60 Bpm 
  • Exercises

Exam Pieces Total – 3

Grade – 1

Technical Work

  • One Octave 70 Bpm
  • Scales F&G Majors
  • D&E Minors (Harmonic, Melodic &Natural Minors)
  • Chromatic Scale Contrary Motion on C & D
  • Broken Chords F&G Majors D&E Minors 50 Bpm

Exam Pieces Total – 3

Grade – 2

  Technical Work

  • Two Octave 80 Bpm
  • Scales Bb & D Majors
  • G & B Minors (Harmonic, Melodic &Natural Minors)
  • Chromatic Scale Similar Motion on Bb
  • Chromatic Scale Contrary Motion On C
  • Arpeggios Bb & D Majors G & B Minors 60 Bpm

Exam Pieces Total – 3

Outcome by the end of the level

  1. The learner will be able to read the sheet with all its dynamics.
  2. Will develop a great theoretical and practical knowledge.
  3. Develop a great sense of rhythm and pitch.
  4. The learner can play sheet music with a given BPM of 90-100.

1. Do these certifications help my child?

A: These International certificate courses are conducted by the Govt of UK. They possess international recognition and reputation.

2. Who issues these International certificates?

A: The Trinity, Royal or the LCME music universities conduct the examinations and the Govt of UK is the authority with the Queen of UK being the Chairperson. The certificates are issued under the above aegis.

3. I do not know from where to buy a piano for my child. Can you help me in this regard?

Once a student registers with Sapthora, there will be an ORIENTATION session with the teacher. All doubts/ questions will be answered by the teacher.

4. Can I skip a grade and take the next grade?

A: Usually no, but if the student is exceptionally good at a particular level or has finished the course content of the previous level, but unfortunately was unable to give the exam, Sapthora can take a decision to assist such students.

5. Can my child play basic simple tunes after the Initial grade?

A: Yes, the student will be able to play few basic rhymes, popular tunes and some of the student’s choice music which will be taught during the class.

How many grades does the Beginner level comprise of?

A: The Beginner level has Initial, Grade 1, and Grade 2.