Art Graphite Sumer Camp

Course content:

  • Introduction to the different grades of graphite pencil, the difference between H and B grade, techniques like HATCHING, CROSS HATCHING, SCRIBBLE,BLENDING and STIPPLING
  • Understand different blending techniques using the concept of Light and Shadow
  • Explore advance blending techniques. Students will learn how to blend different materials like SOFT, HARD, WOOD, GLASS, METAL etc
  • Drawing a still life object
  • Learn about rendering the draping and fabrics. They will learn about the folds and highlights on a cloth
  • Introduction to basic realism

Materials required:

  • A3 Drawing sheet
  • Different shades of graphite pencils 2H, 2B, 6B, 8B
  • Cotton/ earbuds

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Day and Time

Saturday 11:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM