Violin Advanced Course Info

  • Students will learn varnams and kritis.
  • The students will learn to sing varnams in 2 speeds.
  • Training is imparted along with voice culture.
  • Laya,Gamakas, reading and writing notation and manodharma sangeetam are also taught.
  • Lecture demonstration on music related subjects by eminent scholars and musicians.

Overview of ADVANCED LEVEL 4 :

  • Total Duration    :  1 years
  • Age                    :  9 Years and above
  • Group Size         :  Up to 5 Students (will be reshuffled after 6 months based       on the learning ability)
  • Session Duration: 1 hour
  • Class Schedule    : Once  A Week 

Prerequisites to join the course

  • Musical knowledge AND
  • Must complete level 3

Tools, software and material needed:  

  • Zoom software
  • Music book (Link will be provided)

Regular theory class.


Varnams:  Four out of five (Padavarnams Compulsory)

  1. Sarasuda – Saveri (Adi Tala)
  2. Era Naa Pai – Todi (Adi Tala)
  3. Saami Ninne – Sri (Adi Tala)
  4. Chalamela – Darbar (Adi Tala)
  5. Chalamela – Natakuranji (Pada Varnam)

(Above Varnams should be sung / play in two speeds and Varnas to be sung in Aditalam – redukalalu or Adi chouka taalam)

Kritis: Six out of the eight

  1. Evarura – Mohana – Misrachapu – Tyagaraja
  2. Mahaganapathim – Nata – Adi – Muthuswamy Deehitar
  3. Brochevaravare – Sriranjani – Adi – Thyagaraja
  4. Paridanamicchite – Bilahari – Khanda Chapu – Patnam Subrahmanyayyar
  5. Himadrisute – Kalyani – Rupaka – Syamasastri
  6. Gnanamosagarada – Poorvikalyani- Rupaka – Thyagaraja
  7. Karunajaladhe – Nadanamakriya – Adi – Thyagaraja
  8. Any Papanasam Sivan or Oothukkadu Venkata Kavi composition

Outcome by the end of the level:

  • Students will understand advanced sruti
  • Understand advanced laya exercises
  • Value based training is imparted while focussing on professional training
  • Students are prepared for various examinations and competitions
  • Students can take up professional singing

Once students complete ADVANCED level 4, they are well equipped to pursue singing as a profession. Learning music depends on a student’s ability to grasp the lessons.

There will be an internal exam at every level. Depending on the result, the student will get the required assistance to apply to other universities for exams.