Sapthora in one of the best online learning academies where art meets technology. Our course modules have been developed by experienced educators who are both passionate and experienced in their areas of expertise. Our art course has been structured with a lot of strategic designing and contemplation to ensure that the lessons are both educative and engaging.Our focus is to ensure that students reach their full potential and explore the limitless possibilities open to them once they complete all the modules. The students will understand core concepts, art vocabulary, use of different tools and techniques and will also be exposed to a variety of mediums during study. A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Take the step today to reach the milestones you wish to achieve

In this level, our learners are introduced to the world of art and craft. They are encouraged to kindle their imagination and explore their colorful surroundings through colorful drawings. 

Our young students will learn:


  •         Techniques to hold a pencil or crayon. 
  •         How to draw lines and shapes. 
  •         Draw using alphabets and numbers. 
  •         Explore a fun world with interesting compositions.
  •         Creative crafts and origami.

Overview of NOVICE Level: ​

  • Total Duration    :  28 sessions
  • Age                    :  5 – 6 years
  • Group Size         :  Up to 5 Students 
  • Session Duration: 45 – 50 Minutes
  • Class Schedule    : Once  A Week

Prerequisites to Join the Course:

  • No prior experience is required. 
  • Interest in art and a willingness to learn.

 Tools, Software and Material Needed:  

  • Zoom software
  • Artbook
  • Stationery and coloring mediums like color pencils, crayons, and poster colors 
  • Ensure to have a multi camera setup focused on the child and work

  • Imagination drawing
  • Creative drawing with shapes
  • Drawing using hands
  • Simple art using Alphabets
  • Creative drawing using numbers
  • Simple Compositions 
  • Drawing cartoons and caricatures 
  • Interesting craft and origami

Every month there will be an interesting craft/origami work taught in class

Outcome by the end of the level:

  • The child’s sensory, fine, and gross motor skills, hand – eye coordination and bilateral hand use develop.
  • Building important skill sets for drawing.
  • Creative thinking and visual understanding of objects is developed.
  • Learning about compositions widens their exposure to the world of art.

Once students complete the novice level, they are ready for the Beginner level.

1. Do the parent need to sit with the students always during the classes?

A: If a student is too young and might need parental assistance, we recommend a parent sits with the child, without interfering with the class session.

2. The student is too young to understand this virtual system. How will the kid manage?

A: Our teachers are very experienced to teach students in a virtual system. Having a dual camera setup will help the child understand the class better. During the orientation, the parent will be guided on how to set up the camera.

3. If my child is a fast learner, will they be promoted to the next level early?

A: Yes, if the teacher feels the student is capable of handling the next level curriculum, they can decide to promote the student to the next level midway through the course.