Sapthora is offering Math sessions for the students from grades 1 to grade 12.

We, at Sapthora, give all our students, whether it is a Math session for a slow learner or for an advanced level student, an opportunity to understand the concepts in a playful and practical manner through our online Math class. Our course modules have been developed by our experienced educators who are both passionate and experienced in the subject.

Sapthora’s online Math course has been structured with a lot of valuable content along with some tips and tricks to ensure the productivity of our sessions, which will ultimately develop the students’ mind and they will be able to understand core topics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and probability easily. Through our virtual classes, students will be provided with factual knowledge of the concept along with developing the ability to simplify difficult questions with ease and a better understanding, at their own pace.

Enroll in our online Math class today and take the first step to reach the milestones you wish to achieve for your child.

Online Math Course


Sapthora is a tailor-made platform where the worksheets, and curriculum will be personalized,
based on the student’s pluses and minuses. This helps the students to perform better in mathematics.

In Sapthora, we co-relate the concepts with real-life examples which helps the students to
understand the concepts better. Easy techniques are used to solve the numericals. Conceptual
Understanding is given high priority which helps the students to improve themselves in Mathematics.

Through Sapthora it’s a NO. Though we teach online, we made it mandatory for our teachers to
teach using digitizers. Digitizers which are also called pen tablets will make the class innovative as the
students will be brought into a real-world whiteboard experience.

The curriculum which we use is prepared by our respective teachers. The curriculum that we use is
a blend of the national curriculum with the top private schools curriculum of different states in the US.

Once the student enrolls with us, we provide homework and worksheets on a daily basis. The study
materials will also be provided to the students at times. Along with these the recordings of the classes
will also be shared with the student.

Yes. The students can get in touch with teachers through the Sapthora’s website. Through the
platform, the students can post their doubts and get answers from teachers.

It’s a NO. Because based on the student’s understanding abilities we will personalise the
worksheets. Before starting the topic if there is a pre-knowledge required it will be taught to the
students and respective worksheets will be provided to them. A student with lower knowledge of a
topic will be provided with easy-level worksheets and gradual upgrades in worksheets will be carried