• In this level, our learners are introduced to the world of Carnatic music. 
  • The preliminary exercises have been designed for practice purposes.
  • The learner improves in technical skills and virtuosity.
  • Will be able to sing all Saptha swaras with accurate sruti and laya (talam)

Overview of NOVICE level:

  • Total Duration :  96 sessions
  • Age :  5 Years and above
  • Group Size :  Up to 8 Students (will be reshuffled after 6 months based on the learning ability)
  • Session Duration: 45 – 50 Minutes
  • Class Schedule : Once  A Week

Prerequisites to join the course

  • No prior experience is required. 
  • Interest in music and a willingness to learn.

Tools, software and material needed:  

  • Zoom software
  • Music book (Link will be provided)

Topics include:

Practical (Swaras will be taught in 3 speeds)

  • Sarali swaras (10)
  • Janta swaras (6)
  • Janta daatu swaras (1)
  • Daatu swaras (3)
  • Tarasthayi swaras (4)
  • Mandra swaras (2)
  • Saptha talam alankara (7)

Outcome (What a student would have accomplished) by the end of the level: 

  • Strong foundation is built because students learn 3 speeds in 6 chapters
  • Improves brain function, as per studies in neuroscience
  • Develops math skills via learning to harmonize pitch, scale, and tempo
  • Understanding of the Hindu scriptures through music lyrics and composition
  • Develops a peaceful and meditative mindset


Once students complete the novice level, they are ready for the Beginner level. Learning music depends on a student’s ability to grasp the swaras. If the student is a quick learner, they will be fast tracked to the next level.