• The Novice level Electric guitar course is designed to educate all our learners about the elementary studies in guitar playing, fundamental playing techniques and musical knowledge.
  • Developing a strong hold on theory whilst developing the Child’s Improvisation and Interpretation skills is the main objective of the course.
  • The student is introduced for the first time to the world of guitar playing.
  • The playing is made fun accessible and interesting as the child gets to learn his favourite songs if any predetermined choice along with professional training in every sphere.
  • The student learns how to play the instrument step-by-step along
    with the tutor’s demonstration and corrections.
  • Each learner is unique and so the teacher will assess the child and teach with that understanding, every four sessions there will be a short PTM where the child’s individual progress will be discussed.

Overview of NOVICE level: 

  • Total Duration: 20 – 22 sessions
  • Age – 7 years and above
  • Group Size:  Up to 2 learners 
  • Session Duration: 45 – 50 Minutes
  • Schedule: Once A Week 

Prerequisites to join the course:

  • The learner should be 7 years or above of age.
  • The learner should have willingness to learn the instrument.
  • A keen interest in learning a professional skill is required.

Tools, software and material needed: 

  • An Electric guitar specifically (not an acoustic one)
  • A guitar amplifier.
  • A guitar cable.
  • Above mentioned tools in proper working condition.
  • 1 or more guitar plectrums.
  • Armless chair for seating
  • Parental guidance during class if student is very young.
  • An Updated version of Zoom software.

Syllabus for electric guitar Novice Short:

  • Learning name of strings anatomy of guitar (electric) Tuning in standard using a tuner and by ear.
  • Major scales to be taught in the key of C and G major.
  • Learning all chords in the scales C major and G major
  • Understanding flats, sharps and natural notes.
  • Reading tablature and stave at novice level.
  • Understanding A minor pentatonic (all 5 shapes), A minor scale at different
    positions and registry of guitar. Also A harmonic minor.
  • Learning Improvisational skills In the key of A minor.

Outcome by the end of the level: 

  • The learner will be able to read the sheet of guitar tablature. 
  • Will develop rhythmic stimulus. 
  • Will develop finger strength on the guitar fretboard. 
  • Understand the right-hand plectrum stroke play. 
  • Will get comfortable and start enjoying playing the instrument.
  • After completion of this level, the student is capable of enrolling in the Initial grade of the Beginner level guitar course.

1. My Child is 6 years of age will he be able to learn electric guitar?

A: No a Child must be 7 years or above to enrol for electric guitar course at novice

2. I have only an Electric guitar is it enough to enrol?

A: No you need a fully functional amplifier, cable guitar and guitar plectrum to enrol.

3. Will my child be ready for exams at an international level at Novice level of the electric guitar course?

A: No, however the he will gain a wide range of musical abilities which will help him obtain grades in guitar and music in further learning.

3. What benefit will my child get after learning electric guitar?

A: Learning guitar or any instrument comes with a range of benefits to students.
These include a better sense of discipline, a more profound sense of co ordination,
natural sense of achievement and an innate sense of achievement with the
progress he or she makes.