• The Novice level guitar course is designed to educate all our learners about the elementary studies in guitar playing, fundamental playing techniques and musical knowledge.
  • The student is introduced for the first time to the world of guitar playing.
  • The student learns how to play the instrument step-by-step along with the tutor’s demonstration and corrections.

Overview of NOVICE level: 

  • Total Duration: 20 – 24 sessions
  • Age – 7 years and above
  • Group Size:  Up to 2 learners 
  • Session Duration: 45 – 50 Minutes
  • Schedule: Once A Week 

Prerequisites to join the course:

  • The learner should be preferably 7 years and above. 
  • Willingness and an interest to learn the guitar.

Tools, software and material needed: 

  • Zoom Software
  • An acoustic guitar
  • Musical Manuscript
  • Armless chair for seating
  • Parental guidance required during the class

1. Theory: 

  • The major and minor scales up to 5th ( Asc and Dsc)
  • The major and minor Broken chords up to the 5th ( Asc and Dsc)
  • Teaching through E0, E1, and E3 string identification methodology

Practical: (Part A)

  • Reading guitar tablature only
  • Playing with down and up strokes
  • Ear training in rhythm cycles through clapping methodology
  • Ear training exercises relevant to Novice in identifying high and low notes
  • Broken chords in C, G and D minor

Practical: (Part B)

  • Right hand technique and movement
  • Left hand technique and finger exercises
  • Flat picking and Down and Up strokes
  • Exercises on 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings for right and left hand

 Tunes taught on 1st, 2nd and 3 rd

  • Twinkle twinkle
  • Happy Birthday
  • Jingle Bells

Outcome by the end of the level: 

  • The learner will be able to read the sheet of guitar tablature. 
  • Will develop rhythmic stimulus. 
  • Will develop finger strength on the guitar fretboard. 
  • Understand the right-hand plectrum stroke play. 
  • Will get comfortable and start enjoying playing the instrument.
  • After completion of this level, the student is capable of enrolling in the Initial grade of the Beginner level guitar course.

1. My child is 5.5 years old. Is he eligible for the Novice course?

A: The child should be at least 6 years and above for starting the Novice course.

2. Is any prior musical knowledge required for the learner?

A: No, not required.

3. Will my child be able to appear for a grade exam after this course ?

A: No the child develops his basic knowledge and gets educated about the basics of instruments in this level . He starts his preparation partially for initial level but is only eligible for an examination after his Beginners level .