• The course is designed to help all our learners to develop a strong dexterity and playing ability. 
  • The learner gets introduced to further advanced musical concepts and theory behind the same which adds up to his musical knowledge and helps the learner to grow. 
  • The learner is introduced to various new scales and musical modes which adds up to their musicality as a performer. 
  • The focus is on how a learner can create their own music

Overview of Intermediate level :

  • Total Duration:  72 – 96 sessions

For individual student, the duration of each grade is 20– 24 sessions. For 2 students, the duration for each grade is 34 – 40 sessions

  • Age: 10 years  and above
  • Group Size:  Up to 2 learners 
  • Session Duration: 40/50 Minutes 
  • Schedule: Once A Week 

The student can appear for International certification in music (keyboard) at every Grade. Sapthora will train the students for the exams. The fee for the exam will be borne by the student.

Prerequisites to join the course:

  • The learner should be 10 years and above .  
  • The learner should have completed their Beginners level.  
  • Should be well versed with the musical notation. 

Tools, software and material needed:

  • Zoom Software 
  • A Keyboard  
  • Musical Manuscript  
  • Keyboard sticker (Recommended)  
  • A multi camera setup

Theory :

  • Grand Staff 
  • Basics Of Composition 
  • Rests & Intervals  
  • Naturals & accidentals  
  • Scales Upto 2 Octaves Hands Together 
  • Major Scale formation  
  • Minor Scales  
  • Harmonic Scales  
  • Melodic Scales  
  • Contrary Motion Scales  
  • Circle of fifths   
  • Relative Minor   
  • Chord Layouts   
  • Broken Chords & Arpeggios  
  • Arpeggios Upto 2 Octaves  
  • Articulations

Practical :

  • Playing along with sheet   
  • 9 Musical Pieces (3 Pieces from each Grade) 
  • 3-5 Pieces Picked From Worlds Best all Time Melodies  
  • Advance ear training techniques  
  • Time Signatures 4/4  3 /4  2/ 4  3 /8  6/8  

Grade – 3

Technical Work

  • G minor 
  • Mixolydian Scale on A / Dorian Scale of G
  • Chromatic Scale in similar motion on G
  • A major pentatonic 
  • Blues Scale on G
  • E7 chord in first inversion 
  • D7 chord in second inversion 
  • Chord Progression of in G minor

Exam Pieces Total – 3

Grade – 4

Technical Work

  • C minor / Aor E major 
  • lydian Scale on A / Mixolydian on scale E
  • Chromatic Scale in similar motion on E or A
  • A major pentatonic 
  • Blues Scale on E
  • A♭° or E° in root position 
  • B♭° in E♭°7 root position 
  • E7 or B7 in second inversion
  • B7 or E7  in third inversion
  • Chord progression in C minor or A♭ or E major

Exam Pieces Total – 3

Grade – 5

Technical Work

  • Bor B major 
  • B minor 
  • Mixolydian scale on B / B 
  • Chromatic scale in similar motion starting on any black note 
  • Bmajor or B minor pentatonic 
  • Blues Scale on B 
  • B°7 or B°7  in root position 
  • B7  or B7 in second inversion
  • Bm7 or Bm7 in third inversion
  • Chord progression in B minor B♭ or B major

Exam Pieces Total – 3

Outcome by the end of the level:

  • The learner will be able to read the sheet with all its dynamics.   
  • They can join a local band and start performing live.   
  • Will be able to start performing solo as a keyboardist.    
  • Will have the knowledge to start creating their own music.  
  • Can play sheet music with a given BPM of 120 – 180. 

1. Does the child learn any other input apart from Keyboard?

A. Yes it has been noticed that the student develops focus and concentration and this reflects in their routine academic subjects.

2. How many grades are there in the Intermediate level?

A: The intermediate level has Grade 3 , Grade 4 , Grade 5.

3. How do I redeem these credit points accured on my certificate?

You can declare them at the time of admission to higher courses in UK and the admission authorities will consider the credits printed on the Certificates.