Art for Expert

Total Duration – 48 sessions
Age – 13 years and above
Group Size – Up to 5 Students
Session Duration – 50 Minutes
Schedule – Once A Week

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This course is intended for students who have attained advanced levels of skill and want to improve further. Typically intended for age 13 years or older.

At this stage, the students have a good knowledge of many core concepts and art vocabulary. Building of in-depth knowledge of concepts learned is done at this level. Colour theory, Space, Perspective, Light and shadow, Portrait drawing, and many more important concepts are taught without overwhelming the student. Different mediums like soft pastel, charcoal, watercolors, and mixed media are introduced. Art vocabulary is introduced at every stage. An interesting topic is the learning of Indian folk art which helps the students understand different drawing tools and techniques used from early times. Students are also introduced to a renowned artist’s work. A lot of creative crafts and origami will be taught regularly.

Expected Outcome

Students learn the cause and effect of each medium. Problem-solving abilities and cognitive skills are developed. They learn the process of drawing systematically and understand the core concepts at the same time. Learning about a renowned artist widens their exposure to the world of art. Critical thinking is encouraged. Taking a visual picture mentally about the work they intend to create helps the student develop their style and technique of art. These skill sets help them in self-expression and communication, building their sense of identity.

Once they complete this level, they are ready to take art as a mainstream subject.

Age: 12 Years and Above

Group size: Up to 5 Students

Session Duration:  50 Minutes

Schedule: One Class Every Week

Duration: 12 months / 48 classes

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Day Of The Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


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